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Better for you ramen noodles

My son loves ramen noodles but I was bothered by the fact that the flavoring packet contains beef extract. So I made my own version of ramen noodles which taste great and actually have more protein and fewer calories. They are also just as quick to make as the store bought brands

Soba noodles (you will find them in the International section of your grocery store)

Tamari soy sauce

Onion powder

Garlic powder

Ginger powder

Sriracha sauce

miso paste (optional)

Boil water to cook soba noodles. When noodles are tender, drain water. To noodles add one tablespoon of tamari sauce, four dashes of onion powder, two dashes of garlic powder, four dashes of ginger powder, one tablespoon of miso paste,  squirt of siracha sauce. Mix well.