Dr. Padma Garvey

The plant-based Doctor Mom 

Potato Curry/ Indian Home Fries

Potatoes are very nutritious provided you eat the skin and don't lather them in oil, butter, or sour cream.  In fact, a potato with the skin has 7 grams of protein...so don't blame the potato for your health problems.  If you want a new recipe to add some zest to your potatoes, try an Indian twist.

Take four to five red skinned potatoes and rinse thoroughly.  Chop into cubes about the size of dice, leave the skin on.  In a large, nonstick skillet add ONE teaspoon of grape seed oil and heat to high.  Add one tablespoon of cumin seeds and let them start to sizzle and turn slightly brown.  Add the potatoes and mix well until all the pieces are coated with the oil.  Leave the lid off and let the potatoes start to cook.  Turn them occasionally so all sides start to brown.  After about 20 minutes, add one teaspoon of salt, mix well, cover with lid and let the potatoes cook some more until they are tender.  For added flavor, you can add one small white onion, finely chopped about five minutes before you anticipate the potatoes to be done.  Remove from the heat and add one teaspoon of red chili powder and mix well. 

Alternative method:  Take the cut potato pieces and combine with one teaspoon of grape seed oil and cumin seeds.  Place on large baking tray and roast at 350 degrees until golden brown. 

You can eat this as an Indian version of home fries or eat with brown rice or millet (Indian style