Dr. Padma Garvey

The plant-based Doctor Mom 

Pasta with beans and greens

You can eat healthy, even on vacation.  I just got back from a wonderful week at Lake Placid.  I wanted something for lunch that would be satisfying and healthy.  This took minutes to make. I got everything at the local Hannaford's and made it all in our little kitchenette.

I boiled one box of whole wheat pasta or red lentil pasta

In a seperate skillet I added one teaspoon of olive oil and heated to high.  I added five cloves of garlic, finely diced and 1/2 tablespoon of dried red pepper flakes.  Once the garlic started to sizzle, I added one box of baby arugula, several dashes of salt.  I tossed well and let cook until arugula wilted.  I added 1/2 can of garbanzo beans and two small ladles of pasta water and all the pasta.  I let everything cook for several minutes.  Extremely satisfying.  I made the same dish with baby kale and spinach as well.