Dr. Padma Garvey

The plant-based Doctor Mom 

Babaganoush (Middle Eastern Roasted Eggplant)

Cook time 15-20 minutes

Prep time  10 minutes

Serves 6

Fat calories: 60%/serving

This is a wonderful relish that you can eat with pita.  The fat calories are high because of the tahini.  The whole eggplant has less than 80 calories

Take one large eggplant and wrap with aluminum foil.  Grill over open flame on your stove top or barbeque.  Using sturdy tongs, turn the eggplant periodically so that all four sides cook.  After about 20 minutes remove eggplant from flame and let rest on plate.  Once cool, remove the aluminum foil.  Peel the skin and discard.  Take the peeled eggplant and mash with your hands in a bowl.  To the eggplant add one finely chopped shallot, three crushed garlic cloves, 1/3 cup finely chopped cilantro, ½ teaspoon of red chili powder, one tablespoon of tahini paste, juice of one lemon, salt and pepper to taste.  Mix thoroughly.