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The same diet works for the earth and our health.  Win win all around

Almond Joys

These treats really satisfy your craving for a candy bar!

In a food processor, combine 1/2 cup of roasted unsalted almonds, 4-5 pitted dates,

1/3 cup of unsweetened vegan dark chocolate chips, 1/2 cup of unsweetened grated coconut.  Blend well until all almonds are finely chopped.  You may need to add a little water (but not too much).  Form into bite size balls and chill in fridge.

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What To Know About Pregnancy

Eat a healthy, unprocessed, whole grain, low fat plant-based diet.  Your diet should be rich in green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and beans like tofu, lentils, and legumes.  

Take a folic acid supplement as recommended by the American College Of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.  I will say, however, that if you eat a healthy plant-based diet, you will get all the folic acid you need through your diet.  But taking a folic acid supplement is harmless.  

Take a vitamin B12 supplement daily.  This is important for everyone to do nowadays whether or not they are pregnant and regardless of diet.  

Use vitamin D fortified plant-milks.  Getting just 15 minutes of sun exposure every day can help add to your vitamin D levels....and it makes you happy.

Incorporate foods high in omega 3 fatty acids into your daily diet, like flax seeds.  Vegans have no difficulty making all the DHA they need from the consumption of plant-based omega 3 fatty acids.

Featured Recipes

Carrots and Yogurt Chutney


Once you make hummus from scratch, you will never be satisfied with store-bought hummus.  It is so easy too.  You can start with dried garbanzo beans or use canned beans to save time.  If you choose to start with dried garbanzo beans, then you will need to soak one cup in four cups of water for about eight hours.  Normally I do this before I go to work.  This way I can make the hummus after work. 

Cook the soaked beans with four cups of fresh water in your pressure cooker for about 20 minutes.  Drain all the water out after cooked.  If you use canned beans then you simply rinse them well with water and drain all the water. 

In your food processor, combine,juice of one small lemon, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1/3 cup of tahini paste and two to three cloves of minced garlic (depending on how garlicky you like your hummus).  Blend for at least three minutes.  Then add the beans and blend well for another three minutes.

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The Downsides to Iron Supplements

After the United Nations was developed in the 1950s, one of its most important missions was to improve maternal and infant health. In many developing countries and even in parts of the United States, anemia was a serious problem. The common causes for anemia in mothers and children back then were intestinal infections with tapeworms and malnutrition. It is important to keep in mind that the traditional diets of these developing countries w...ere naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, and iron. Foods like green leafy vegetables, lentils, and even cumin seeds are rich in iron. So mothers and children were not suffering from iron-deficiency anemia because their natural diets were poor. Rather, they were suffering from iron-deficiency anemia because of poor sanitation and lack of food.
Efforts to increase iron included iron-fortification of processed foods, like cereals and grains. In addition, mothers and children were given oral iron supplements. The United States began recommending that many processed foods be fortified with iron. In addition, birth control pills sometimes have iron added to them and pregnant mothers are told to consume prenatal vitamins with iron.
The problem is that iron supplements do not contain the form of iron found naturally in plants. Iron in supplements and fortified foods is “free” iron whereas iron in plants like spinach is “bound” iron. Free iron causes damage to DNA, including the DNA in our colon cells. Studies have shown that such free iron may increase one’s risk for colon cancer. In addition, the bad bacteria in our guts can use the free iron more readily than the good bacteria in our guts. Studies have shown that ingestion of free iron alters our gut microbiome from a beneficial pattern to a pathogenic one. A pregnant woman’s gut microbiome is crucial in determining her developing baby’s microbiome. Alterations in gut micobiomes can set the stage for a host of problems like autoimmune diseases, food allergies, and obesity.
Chronic ingestion of iron supplements should be discouraged. We should recommend that patients eat a diet rich in green leafy vegetables, lentils, sweet potatoes, etc.

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