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Could yoga and blueberries really help prevent aging and cancer?  The Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009 was awarded to researchers that seem to think so..

The DeDonatos as newlyweds, circa 1948

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This week's topic: Ovarian Cancer: Facts and Prevention

Copying Success

Mrs. DeDonato tells us what she does to stay healthy

Carmen discusses how changing her diet stopped her recurrent urinary tract infections

Understanding fats

Sorting out the conflicting information about fat in our diet

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Understanding carbohydrates

Sorting out the conflicting information of carbs

No fry cabbage fritters

​Quick, easy, and tasty

Dr. Padma Garvey

                                           Beans and Greens

Here are some great recipes to get your family to eat more beans and greens.....the best way to pack nutrition into your meals

The Plant-Based Doctor Mom