The Plant-Based Doctor Mom



When you eat an unprocessed, whole grain, plant-based diet you don’t have to worry.

This breakfast takes minutes to make but does all of this for you:

Fiber to prevent colon cancer

Active cultures for gut health

Antioxidants to fight cancer

Omega 3 for heart health

Low glycemic index for diabetes

No cholesterol

No saturated fat

Low in pesticides and environmental toxins

Good for the environment

No boil whole wheat lasagna

What's New Today?

Studies as far back as 1930 have shown that

eating a low fat , high whole grain diet reduces

your risk of obesity and diabetes much more than a diet high in protein.

Countries that consume more soy have less 

breast cancer than countries that consume

less soy.

            Understanding how important

            stress reduction and physical

            activity are

           Living for today.  Being fearless.

             Trying something new

Dr. Padma Garvey

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