Dr. Padma Garvey

Identifying Processed Foods

Why 'REAL' is not necessarily good

The more meat and dairy a country consumes, the higher their rates of all cancers.  Graph from BBC

American Cancer Society's New Guidelines Regarding Mammograms

The Plant-Based Doctor Mom



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Eliminate Fear Based Medicine

Listen to my podcast on what I learned at
a recent conference I attended in Anaheim.
Doctors need to stop pushing fear and start empowering their patients.

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My Mom shows us how to make a plant-based yogurt

Good News! Ovarian cancer rates have fallen, largely because of prevention.

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What's New Today?

No oil, no dairy, no problem......PESTO!

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  • Human Microbiome Part 20:00

Meet Noelle who used a plant-based lifestyle to transform her health

Listen to my talk with Tina who used a plant-based diet to manage her diabetes.  Hear what her endocrinologist said to her.

  • Human Microbiome Part 10:00

The World Speaks For Itself

The Human Microbiome

This is how important the good bugs in your gut are......

Three part series